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In these stories, Soundwave sold Decepticon secrets to both the Autobots and Shockwave's group of Decepticons.
Several other Autobots and Decepticons fell to the same fate, and were to be sold on the black marketSoundwave himself was gta san andreas pc iso game put on display by being sent to attack the Smitco Oil Refinery alongside several other Transformersbut when Megatron liberated himself, Soundwave was soon freed.However, he kept quiet about Bludgeon's obsession with the Regenesis project, thinking he could turn it to his advantage.Soundwave is well aware of Starscream's treachery against Megatron, and on several occasions saved Megatron from his treacherous lieutenant.He also possesses two supporters: Laserbeak, who transforms into an electric guitar he uses for a sonic boom attack, and Ratbat, which becomes a keytar for use in sonic hypnosis.However, due to his situation, Soundwave is a dark and bitter character.In Tales of the Fallen #5 Soundwave, still in orbit after the events of the 2009 film, notices someone has reactivated Ravage.IDW's Beast Wars Sourcebook series identifies the mutant Soundwave as a former warrior who may have been a veteran of the Great War, though the details are ambiguous at best.Despite this, he did not reappear until issue #4 of The Transformers: Devastation, where, still trapped in cassette player mode, he interfered with Skywatch's control of Laserbeak and Ravage.Sourcebook #4 states that Soundwave became an actor/entertainer after the ratification of the Pax Cybertronia, developing a "dramatic flair in everything from his movements to his speech paterns".
It was not much later that the surviving Megatron made contact with Soundwave from space, and Soundwave was all too willing to return to his service, setting up Starscream to fall before Megatron when he returned.
Transformers Speed Stars Stealth Force Soundwave (2010) 34 A non-transforming Scion xB (designed similarly to the Speed Stars diecast car) that mechanically opens its panels and reveals hidden weapons at the slide of the roof.
It can also be attached to the top of his vehicle mode or held like a guitar in robot mode.
Attacktix Soundwave (2007) Series 2 of the Transformers Attacktix figures included a Generation 1 Soundwave figure.
He transforms into a Modified white SUV similar to a Cadillac SRX In the Nintendo DS game Revenge of the Fallen: Decepticons, Grindor, Sideways, Soundwave and Starscream greet a new Decepticon protoform and send him on a mission.17 Universe Soundwave with Space Case (2004) A redeco of Soundwave's Machine Wars figure, this toy was rendered in shades of blue and yellow, and packaged with fellow Decepticon Space Case.While Shockwave is established as Megatron 's second-in-command, Soundwave is shown acting as Megatron's right hand during the campaign in Shockwave's absence.Soundwave regenerated at Christmas time as ex-Sumdac Systems Vice President Porter.2 Soundwave's cassettes are quick to serve and defend Soundwave in a crisis, and generally relate to him as servants or even pets.He is Megatron's eyes and ears and, in some interpretations, only speaks when mocking the.This causes Soundwave's head to disintegrate, killing him instantly.Joe episode of the same name.53 United UN05 Deluxe Soundwave Cybertron Mode (2010) The Japanese version of the Generations figure by Takara Tomy is in a metallic repaint.He is ordered by Megatron to destroy a Sector 7 nest base that contains information about Sentinel Prime.While in the original G1 continuity, he was a native of Cybertron like Megatron and Starscream, this incarnation of Soundwave is the second Transformer from the mysterious Planet.In 2007, shortly before the release of the live-action Transformers film, Soundwave appeared in the viral comedy short "Soundwave: The Touch." Toys edit Generation 1 Soundwave (1984) The original Soundwave toy (and his cassettes) began life as part of Takara 's Micro Change line, designed.However, he returns in the third and final season, subtitled Combiner Force, as a major antagonist, with a new body armor.

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