bernina version 6 software manual

Open the here Carving Stamp dialog box.
Select the here Rectangle tool and windows draw a rectangle by clicking in the upper left hand corner and dragging to manual the lower right hand cor- ner.
Page 1.
Name version the file crack Carving Stamps.Clone the second rectangle; position below the second object.2009 bernina of instruction America, Inc, dL, notes: Carving stamp defines a pattern of hack needle penetrations in a fill.Move the copy in a below the first rectangle.Any of the selection tools manual be used to moto select the object that will be used as a stamp.Navigate to iblacklist My full Computer/C: My Designs here Embroidery Software.Change the width of the rectangle to 70 mm and the height to.Add stamps to selected background objects or choose to not pre-selectan object and add the stamp to other objects.Select FB 253-48.Open the file.Note: Decrease th object so that it will fit within the rectangle, or use the stamp so that only part of the object stamps the back- cracked ground.Select C42 from the Color Bar.Notes: Carving stamp defines a pat- tern of needle penetrations in a fill.Right click on Show Hoop.Decrease the size of the dragonfly by clicking and dragging on one of the corner black sizing handles.Using an Object for a Stamp.Select part of the object by drawing the bounding patch box around part of the design or by using Polygon Select (remember to first ungroup).Select one of the rectangles.Quick Clone (right click and drag on the object) to make a copy of the rectangle.Add stamps to selected back- ground game objects or choose to not pre-select an object and add the stamp to other ob- jects. Navigate to the folder in which the file will be stores.

Make sure Display Hoops is checked and select artista 400 x 150 MegaAuto Split Machines.
Follow the prompts on bernina version 6 software manual the lower left corner of the screen for information on setting the stamps.
Select the rectangle and open Object Properties.