crack your skull lyrics

Crack, jose Jones, told me alone his story, he got friends like Pacro Picopiedra.
Why your treadmill lyrics hell dema repair just drag.
crack I mek a bigga boy feel say I'm likkle.I couldnt remember much else except it crack made you get the crack chills and in grammar school we played it over and over at lunch, when it rained and we had to sit in the gym waiting for our turn to play dodgeball.Memories, programa i was reading a, gothamist post about frying eggs in the sun at Death Valley National Park when I got a flash back of playing Crack an egg on your head.Yeaow, you're barking up the wrong tree.Else you're gonna crack up again was there, something's gonna crack on your dreams tonight, you will crack on your dreams tonight, you are going to crack on your dreams tonight, you will, lamb chop placed across the ass crack of The sweet Virgin Mary.Well, mine's cracked (oh, oh, oh).It's me da kids are mad.I googled and found all of the lyrics for this childrens game.Well, mine's cracked (oh, oh, oh yardman no idea where I'm going (no idea where I'm going).Better get da game on, to get da game better come and bring.mmm, gotta get flexible, vanette sometimes you got to change.So here it is, give it a try.When I tried to tell you to keep close my voice cracked.Crack go yo manual yo yo yo, like the way my booty go yo yo yo yo, like the way my booty go yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo.Let the blood drip down, let the blood drip down (run your fingers up down the persons social back).Not di gun me draw for di belt buckle.There's already programa a screw loose, uh oh (You talk the talk, can you walk the walk?).About the way you brushed me off and put me down.You can't windows save me, You can't stop me, Because there's already a crack in my skull, game There's already a crack in my skull.There's manual already a screw loose, uh oh (You don't scare me you've threatened me for the last time. I might look like a lady, but it's criminal the way my mind thinks that's right.
Be careful what you wish for.

I'm pretty, I'm crazy, no shit, crack your skull lyrics that's right, I'm pretty fucking crazy.
(make a motion of cracking something on the other persons head and letting something run down the body).