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Speaker, we heard from keygen government members who crack said they trust the internet minister to make the crack right decision about the project suspension of internet the safe third country agreement.
Madam speaking Speaker, I think the difference is actually about painting a line.
We have received assurances from the White guide House and missing other.S.
The objective of the agreement is to strengthen the integrity of our refugee systems, and to share responsibility for providing protection to those in security need.We on this side of the House are patch clear that keygen we are against singling people out because of their patch religion, banning them because of their religion or their country of origin, edicts being sent out, so-called presidential orders, governing by decree.Get rid of the cap of 1,000 people because that cap is already gone.That is why we work very hard to develop innovative policies and programs that drive economic growth, foster diversity and inclusion, fuel investment, and attract and retain global talent.If we put two straw men up against one another in an argument, we are not going to ever get at the truth, internet because that is not what straw men are designed.We have also called for a number keygen of practical measures that the government can and must adopt to ensure that Canada does its part, starting with an official statement indicating that Canada does not endorse Donald Trump's Muslim immigration ban.While we wish him good luck in his new role, we will miss his caring and compassion in this place.We stand here tonight as Canadians.Yazidis, Christians, minority Muslim groups, and lgbti have all suffered atrocities at the hands of extremists from the religious majority in the region.The Minister of Immigration can, as an individual minister, immediately suspend this in order to ensure that no one is trapped, no one is prevented from finding safe haven in Canada if they happen to be in the.S. There was a unanimous motion in the House, which we are all familiar with, that the government would begin to bring here Yazidi women and girls who had been victimized.