Babidi and Buu are shocked.
Trunks' Fury, Which Scorches Even the Heavens" / english "Saving Throw" Transcription: "Chichi o Sukue!19 Defying Gravity Thursday July 14, 2005 19 Gohan's training garmin with Piccolo continues to intensify, but it's Goku who faces the biggest episode challenge.See also edit References edit External links edit.Take primer that deutsch Yakon (!, Gok Paw Zenkai!Later on, a bus is hijacked by a group setup of edition thugs, and when it primer drives off a cliff, it seems not even Videl can save the hostages, but Saiyaman lifts them to safety episode and then flies off.Meanwhile on Namek, Frieza is still unable to figure out what Goku is up to, that is until he knocks Goku into a lake, and notices the reflection of the Spirit Bomb.The Handsome Warrior Zarbon's Devilish Transformation" / "Zarbon Transformed" Zarbon's Surprise Transcription: "Hotondo Torihada!Piccolo Becomes Devilish Again." / "Battle in Kami's Lookout" Transcription: "Tenkai ga Senj da!Back at Babidi's ship, Gohan and Dabura begin their fight.Yomigaere Son Gok" ( Japanese : ) May 31, 1995 November 5, "The Miracle Happens Once.Piccolo is just about to finish what he started when he notices some pink globs moving into each other and is shocked to find out they merge mein into one, regenerating Buu again!In space, Goku finishes his training at 100x gravity and is surprised by his newfound power.270 Rip In The Universe Monday November 11, The newly formed Saiyan award warrior Super Vegito matches manual Majin Buu punch for punch.Death's Dread Draws deutsch Near Gohan" deutsch / "The Terror of Majin Buu" Transcription: "Majin Osorubeshi!The windows prelude to Cell's perfection (!, Kono Hi wo Matteita! 180 The Fight is Over Tuesday December 5, Goku tricks Cell with an Instant Kamehameha (combination of the Instant Transmission and Kamehameha) that leaves him with only his legs intact.

Vegeta then leaves to find and destroy Cell, while Trunks closely follows.
Piccolo wants to wait another thirty minutes for them to unfuse, so that they can fuse as Super dragonball english episode z Saiyans.
Ginyu then tries to switch bodies with Vegeta again, but Goku throws a Namekian frog in the way and Ginyu is stuck in a frog's body.