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Manual de hidden and dangerous 2 pc

Ceiling Pendulum CR 3; mechanical; timed trigger; automatic reset; Atk 15 melee (1d128/3, greataxe Search DC 15; Disable Device.
The costs derived from Table: Cost Modifiers for Magic Device Traps assume that the builder is casting the necessary spells himself (or perhaps some other PC is providing the spells for free).
Blade Barrier Trap CR 7; magic device; proximity trigger ( alarm automatic reset; spell effect ( blade barrier, gas cracker plants in india 11th-level cleric, 11d6 slashing, DC 19 Reflex save half damage Search DC 31; Disable Device.Flooding Room Trap CR 5; mechanical; proximity trigger; automatic reset; no attack roll necessary (see note below Search DC 20; Disable Device.Pit traps often have something nastier than just a hard floor at the bottom.Devious trap builders sometimes design trapdoors so that they spring back shut after they open.Market Price: 6,800.Some traps may also include optional gta san andreas pc iso game elements, such as poison or a bypass.
Poison Wall Spikes CR 5; mechanical; location trigger; manual reset; Atk 16 melee (1d84 plus poison, spike multiple targets (closest target in each of two adjacent 5-ft.
A character who fails to detect a covered pit is still entitled to a DC 20 Reflex save to avoid falling into.
A sound trigger functions like an ear and has a 15 bonus on Listen checks.
Spiked Pit Trap CR 4; mechanical; location trigger; automatic reset; DC 20 Reflex save avoids;.
Cost: 76,500 gp, 6,120.Market Price: 8,800.Craft Wondrous Item feat (see, designing a Trap and the feat description).Collapsing Column CR 4; mechanical; touch trigger (attached no reset; Atk 15 melee (6d6, stone blocks Search DC 20; Disable Device.Word of Chaos Trap CR 8; magic device; proximity trigger ( detect law automatic reset; spell effect ( word of chaos, 13th-level cleric Search DC 32; Disable Device.Note: This trap is really two CR 6 acid arrow traps that fire simultaneously, using the same trigger and reset.Deep (2d6, fall multiple targets (first target in each of two adjacent 5-ft.Market Price: 29,000.Magic traps may be disarmed by a rogue (and only a rogue) with a successful.

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