manual montagem motor dana

KIT #12198 only disassembly Step 1: Remove manual vacuum actuator assembly.
Figure 2 - (Outer Seal Installation - Method 2).Park the manual vehicle on a flat level area.Remove the brake rotor from the bearing guard hub.This information alerts you to potential hazards that could hurt you or others.Step 2: designer Using seal insertion tool, drive seal into driver bore and impact with hammer (See Fig.2).Damage to the bearing races can cause premature failure of the bearings.If xbox the full clips are used, they will retribution need to be user installed on the u-joint before converter it is placed in the axle prentice shafts.Please user read AND understand ALL instructions before YOU begin Your safety and the safety of other manual motorists is very guard important.Note: Removing differential does not affect your ring and pinion settings as long as the carrier bearings remain attached to the carrier, and pinion is left in axle housing.The Warning includes information about what you must or must not do in order to reduce the risk kampf of injury to yourself crack and others.Align the splines and hold the hub lock against the rotor.Torque outer locknut to 125 to 150 ft-lbs.Step 1: Clean axle tube bore.Page 1 of 8, sB You will need to use new brake pads with this conversion.While pressing in the u-joints use caution as pressure is applied to assemble the u-joints.Install both LH, RH axle shaft assemblies crack into housing.Page 3 of 8, sB U-joints will need to be pressed.Before hitting make sure that the seal is square with seal bore. Use a 1-3/8" socket or a correct sized wood block.
Bearing should be installed with a proper bearing installer tool.
Bore can be scraped clean by using the threaded rod and a smaller.D.

The axle shaft nut does not have to be removed.
The lock washer may have to be flip manual montagem motor dana over or you may have to slightly tighten or loosen the inner lock nut to align the pin.
Step 2: Pull both right and left axle., dANA 30 manual HUB conversion KIT.