To insert WordArt: Go to the powerpoint Insert Tab WordArt Select the indo desired style and click.
Type College driver Scholarships and Financial Aid in the Click to Add Title text box.PowerPoint studio opens a blank presentation tutorial for you tutorial in the beginning named Presentation.Type the bulleted text in the Content text box.Slide Show Use the Slide game Show view when you want to view your installer slides, as they will look in your final africa presentation.It is important to note that not all actions are undoable, thus it games is important to save before you make any major changes in your document so you can revert back to your saved document.Some of the steps have very similar descriptions.Click the Save button to save your work.Microsoft Word 2007( a program which helps to create attractive text documents.To Save Your scanner Presentation: Select Save As option in the Microsoft Office world button menu.Commonly used toolbars ON PC The Home bar: (Figure 5).The information in a presentation portable is stored in the shape of ides can be considered as the individual pages of the presentation which are displayed one-by-one on the screen.1 microsoft powerpoint tutorial (windows 2007) 2 icrosoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular presentation programs supported by both Mac and PC platforms.p p Your slide show appears on your screen.Click on Design Tab.Continue like this driver till the end of the Presentation.To insert the Clip-art picture of computer, click the Clip Art icon in the placeholder. Various Slide layouts present in Microsoft PowerPoint allow us to Systematically place the title, text, graphics or other objects on the slide.
p p Go to the previous slide.