) He sims is social frustrated about the osananajimi text mail earlier.
(Well she has bro con wot to social do) He states that that the heroine galactic cant do social anything without her oniisan tool and cheat hes like grab her hard and utter the I like YOU word and before he could go further oniisan suddenly cheat appears O/ without waiting.
Osananajimi kun snatches ringing cellphone and switch it off because from this point its their day.This is not a translation just a detail review.Track 4, starts with the sound of schools chime and heroine encounters with osananajimi kun whos cheerfully complaining(?) about their interrupted date sportcraft yesterday and he tricked the heroine to go for another makeup date with him today and doesnt care where is the date place since.IIm serious about that.Ani to Osananajimi or Elder brother and Childhood friend is the latest ear pron drama crack cd by Stellaworth.Title : ANI TO osananajimi (Brother and childhood friend).He comments how call the heroine has changed through these past years and shes not like a child she used.Track 7 Onii san greets her good morning and its already past 11am when she woke.That night they made love.2 download nena-linda-pink 66 4, mMDxYandereSim.:Why do you crack love.They dont have a name which is forgivable since its stellaworth who needs names when you could have two guys creep up on you before you even reached puberty omg lol. So the staff notices them.